The Math on Building a Website Worth $250,000

I’ve been reflecting on purpose and meaning this week, as mentioned in my previous post. Recently, I’ve felt trapped in a never-ending cycle of earning money just to pay bills and debts, with no end in sight.

What’s troubling me most is the endless nature of my circumstances. Deep down, I can’t see myself doing this for another 20-30 years. The main issue is feeling trapped; I can’t stop working because the bills will never stop coming.

How do I truly live life to the fullest?

I felt compelled to share these thoughts, not seeking feedback but rather to release them into the Universe.

On Wednesday, I attended the funeral of a young woman, a friend of my girlfriend’s, who was only 28 years old. Beyond the overwhelming sadness of the occasion, a particular thought emerged and has continued to trouble me.

Reflections on Being an Unsuccessful High Performer

I started reading “Beyond High Performance” yesterday, a book by the founder of a coaching firm where my former personal coach is now a partner.

The definitions of High Performance he used really took me aback. It was like a light went on in a dark room for the very first time, and all of a sudden, everything just made complete sense.

I’m not wired like everyone else. I didn’t fully grasp that before.