Rendering my imagination into HTML

Artwork by digital artist Helaryous depicting fashion designer Virgil Abloh.
Helaryous is a Montreal-based artist exploring mixed media, fashion, and digital art.

His artistic journey began in 2021 with Project ‘F.T.B.’ (F*ck The Box), whose objective was to push the boundaries of creativity within the rigid constraints of the Instagram format and create a unique digital artwork that wouldn’t be replicable by others.

Since then, his interests have ranged from creating one-of-a-kind fashion items as an antithesis to mass-produced fast fashion, bringing texture and three-dimensionality to the painted canvas through various techniques of collage as well as using discarded or seemingly worthless items in his artwork to give them a new life.

Currently, he is playing with eggshells, used Nespresso pods, old magazines, handed-down skateboards, second-hand vinyl records and LED lights.

By utilizing these unconventional materials, he aims to challenge the perception of what can be considered valuable or aesthetically pleasing, finding beauty and artistic potential in objects that others disregard or overlook and transforming them into captivating and thought-provoking pieces through his creative process.

Through the interplay of texture, color, and light, he creates a visual experience that captivates the viewer and encourages them to contemplate the hidden beauty in everyday objects and challenge consumerism and waste through the power of creativity and transformation.

As an artist, Helaryous believes in pushing the boundaries of traditional artistic techniques and materials and constantly exploring new avenues for self-expression.

His work reflects his desire to challenge the status quo and find beauty in the unexpected.

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