How do I truly live life to the fullest?

I felt compelled to share these thoughts, not seeking feedback but rather to release them into the Universe.

On Wednesday, I attended the funeral of a young woman, a friend of my girlfriend’s, who was only 28 years old.

Beyond the overwhelming sadness of the occasion, a particular thought emerged and has continued to trouble me.

If I were to die today, would I have regrets? Could I honestly say that I’ve lived a life of meaning and purpose, squeezing every drop from this existence?

The difficult truth is, I don’t believe I could.

This leads to another unsettling question: If I knew my time was limited – five years, ten years – how would I make the most of it?

How would I truly live life to the fullest?

The absence of answers to these questions bothers me. I feel stuck in a rut, working just to pay the bills and debts, and not really feeling like my life has much meaning beyond that.

I believe great individuals think and act in terms of legacy.

So, what will be my legacy? What do I wish it to be? How can I change my actions to stop wasting precious time and create a life of significance?

These questions may be rhetorical, but they weigh on my mind since attending that funeral.

The lack of answers disturbs me.

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