December 7, 2023 Daily Reflection – My Journey to Success

Brief Overview of the Day

Today was challenging. I got sidetracked by an unexpected and frustrating situation, which prevented me from focusing on my work. My mind couldn’t reengage afterwards, making the day feel unproductive. I’m not very pleased with myself about this.

Current Goals (same as yesterday)

List each goal in detail (e.g., “Increase monthly SEO client base by 20%”, “Develop a new passive income stream through affiliate marketing”).

For each goal, explain why it’s meaningful to you. How does it contribute to your larger vision or personal satisfaction?

1. Make $15,000 a month

Right now, my financial situation isn’t great, and I really need to boost my income. I’ve been looking into Jacky Chou, who’s pulling in an impressive 8-9K a day. Plus, I’ve seen several case studies on Niche Pursuits about people earning 10-20K a month.

This has shown me it’s definitely achievable. I’ve got the skills, or at least I’m willing to learn them. But to improve my mental and overall well-being, I know I need to drastically improve my financial situation.

2. Weigh 185 lbs

My main goal is to be in the best shape of my life, rather than hitting a specific weight target. However, reaching 185 lb would be symbolic since it means I would have lost 100 lbs in total. But for now, the real, immediate goal is to get back under 200 lbs.

I just want to feel good in my own skin and have real confidence. I find that I get this feeling when I’m making progress with fitness. This is important not just for my physical health, but again, for my mental and overall well-being.

Progress Towards Goals

Outline the actions taken for each goal. For example, “Contacted five potential clients for SEO services” or “Researched affiliate marketing platforms.”

Were there any unplanned opportunities or obstacles that impacted these goals today?

Make $15,000 a month: Today wasn’t productive and I didn’t accomplish much. It wasn’t a good day.

Weigh 185 lbs: My diet today was decent but not exceptional. I didn’t exercise, so I need to refocus and get back on track with my fitness goals.

SEO and Web Design Progress

Detail client interactions: What specific communications occurred? Any feedback or new requests?

Describe project milestones achieved or particular challenges in your work.

I didn’t accomplish much today, focusing mainly on administrative and coordination tasks. This made me feel quite unproductive.

Passive Income and Business Ideas

Summarize progress in current ventures, like content creation or marketing strategies.

Elaborate on new business ideas: What sparked these ideas? How do they align with your skills and interests? What initial research or planning did you do?

Consider potential next steps for these business ideas: What information do you need? Who could you reach out to for advice or collaboration?

I didn’t make any progress today.

(same as yesterday below)

My other projects are somewhat stuck at the moment. I believe that focusing on growing Nextbop offers the best chance for a significant payday, so that’s where I’ve been channeling my energy over the past week.

I’m just in the initial brainstorming phase, but right now, I’m keen on exploring a couple of areas. First, I want to learn Bubble, and second, I’m interested in figuring out how to connect ChatGPT to other APIs. The ultimate goal is to combine both these skills into creating a SAAS product. I’m a bit concerned that I might need to learn Python to effectively achieve my goals, especially with the technical aspects I’m looking into.

Client Project Updates

List each client and the specific project you’re working on for them.

For each client, detail where you are in the project. What milestones have been reached? What significant progress was made today?

Outline what is left to be done for each project. Are there any pending tasks or upcoming deadlines?

Plan the immediate next actions for each project. What will you tackle next? Are there any client meetings or feedback sessions scheduled?

Shoe Store: I didn’t work on this today. There is still data entry to complete and a month’s worth of SEO tasks ahead.

  • Next actionable step: Finish data entry ASAP

Wellness Centre: I conducted keyword research and submitted suggestions for the site map.

  • Next actionable step: Waiting on feedback

App Website (same as yesterday): I need to make a few small edits and then debug the mobile version of the website.

  • Next actionable step: Finish edits and begin debugging mobile version

Cafe: I have one more post to complete this week. I also need to start working on next week’s posts.

  • Next actionable step: Post Instagram content and write more.

Asian Restaurant Merch: Sent quote request.

  • Next actionable step: Waiting on quote.

Greek Cafe: Sent merch mockups. Need to draft the next batch of Instagram content. Plus need to pitch a design for a new website.

  • Next actionable step: Make batch on Instagram content

Asian Restaurant Website (same as yesterday): I need to update the website with holiday hours and also work on fixing the site speed.

  • Next actionable step: Update holiday hours

Electrician (same as yesterday): I need to write new copy for the website.

  • Next actionable step: Write copy first draft

Kids’ Store (same as yesterday): I need to fix technical errors on the website and write one month’s worth of content.

  • Next actionable step: Fix technical errors

Tea Shop (same as yesterday): Business emails on hold. Need to start writing content for the website.

  • Next actionable step: Write first draft of content for the homepage.

Carpenter (same as yesterday): The project is currently on hold. Awaiting feedback from the client.

  • Next actionable step: Follow up with client

Ski Store (Business Development) (same as yesterday): I need to conduct an SEO audit.

  • Next actionable step: Write up audit

Vegan Restaurant (Business Development) (same as yesterday): I need to write a proposal for a website project.

  • Next actionable step: Conduct keyword research

Personal Passive Income Project Updates

List each project and for each , detail where you are in the project. What milestones have been reached? What significant progress was made today?

Outline what is left to be done for each project. Are there any pending tasks or upcoming deadlines?

Plan the immediate next actions for each project. What will you tackle next? Are there any client meetings or feedback sessions scheduled?

Nextbop: I didn’t work on this today.

  • Next actionable step: Build next category page

Best Songs Period (same as yesterday): This website was created for an SEO competition. However, the current strategy doesn’t seem to be yielding the desired results. I am considering abandoning this project to concentrate on other ventures. Additionally, I’m contemplating switching my focus to Shirt Slingers for the competition, as I believe it has the potential to generate more income in the long term.

  • Next actionable step: Decide whether to pursue further

Shirt Slingers (same as yesterday): I see considerable potential in this website, which essentially revolves around drop shipping graphic t-shirts. My immediate task is to complete the setup of the “I Love My Girlfriend” category. Additionally, I need to persist in creating and adding new designs to enhance the website’s offerings.

  • Next actionable step: Finish “I Love My Girlfriend” category page

Caviar Drip (same as yesterday): This project is somewhat on hold due to a lack of funds to purchase inventory. However, I can still focus on writing content and expanding the Leff Amsterdam section, which I can manage through dropshipping.

  • Next actionable step: Add Grove Campus and Leff Amsterdam products

Procrastination Check

Identify the tasks you put off. Were they complex, time-consuming, or outside your comfort zone?

Analyze the reasons behind the procrastination: Lack of motivation, fear of failure, feeling overwhelmed?

Devise a specific plan for these tasks. Could breaking them into smaller steps help? Would setting a dedicated time block or deadline be beneficial?

My procrastination impacted me negatively today. I failed to focus on my priorities and didn’t put client work first. Overall, I didn’t perform well today.

It’s challenging for me to maintain a string of good days. Often, after a productive day, the following one tends to be less successful. Today, I lost focus on my real priorities because I was sidetracked by an unexpected email.

I’m feeling overwhelmed due to the sheer amount of tasks on my plate right now. To manage this, I need to bite the bullet and select one task to concentrate on for a while, addressing things one at a time.

What Could I Have Done Better?

Reflect on your productivity and focus. Were there periods of distraction or inefficiency?

Assess your interactions: Could communication with clients or colleagues have been improved?

Think about decision-making: Were there any hasty or delayed decisions today?

I should aim to go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. Prioritizing work first, I plan to start early in the day and accomplish a significant chunk of tasks in the morning.

Challenges Faced

Work-Related: Detail any project hurdles, client misunderstandings, or technical issues. How did you approach solving them? What solutions worked or didn’t work?

Health and Fitness: Discuss specific challenges in sticking to your diet or exercise regimen. Did you encounter temptations, lack of time, or motivation issues? Reflect on your yoga practice: Were there poses or sequences that were particularly challenging?

Work-Related: My procrastination was an issue, as I didn’t focus on my real priorities. I’m beginning my day with activities that should be reserved for the end of the day or for my free time.

Health and Fitness: Still a bit sick. Diet could’ve been better.

Financial Overview

Today’s Cash Inflows: 0
This Month’s Cash Inflows: 2,069.10
This Month’s Target: 6,500
Still to go: 4,430.90

November 2023 Cash Inflows: 2,491.63
October 2023 Cash Inflows: 5,210.59

Lessons Learned

Consider the key learnings from today. How have they contributed to your personal or professional growth?

Were there any moments of insight or clarity that reshaped your perspective on a project, goal, or personal habit?

I need to be more mindful about prioritizing my tasks throughout the day, ensuring that I focus on what’s most important. It’s essential for me to learn to put less urgent tasks on the backburner, maintaining a stoic attitude even if they are aggravating.

Goals for Tomorrow

Work and Learning Goals: Specify the top priority tasks and learning objectives for tomorrow. Include any preparatory steps needed.

Health and Fitness Goals: Detail your planned diet and exercise for tomorrow. Are there specific targets, like calorie intake or workout intensity?

Work and Learning Goals: I have to dedicate 4-5 hours to working on client projects.

Health and Fitness Goals: I absolutely must eat clean tomorrow.

Closing Thoughts

Conclude with an overall reflection. What are you grateful for today? What gives you hope or motivation for tomorrow?

Bad days do happen, and it’s a part of life. It’s important to accept this and focus on bouncing back quickly. I need to strive to do better tomorrow.


Just a quick note to everyone: Remember, there’s a difference between “not a good day” and “a bad day.” Hitting perfect days all the time isn’t realistic. It’s normal to have off days – nobody’s at their peak all the time. Here, I journaled and reflected on this. It’s okay to acknowledge when days aren’t great, but they’re not a big concern to me in the grand scheme of things. The key is to bounce back quickly. Life’s an ultra-marathon with its ups and downs. Just stay on course and do your best each day, whatever that looks like. That’s all we can ask of ourselves.

Wishing you all an amazing day!!

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Reflecting on my experiences today with distractions and procrastination, what are your most effective strategies for staying focused on priorities and bouncing back after an unproductive day?

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